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Florida Zip Line near Orlando due to open soon…

How exciting!  Soon we will be zipping the Canyons in Florida!

So you thought that all of Florida was flat and a terrible place to zip…you were right…until now!  Who knew that there are true cliffs and canyons with surrounding forests in Florida to go zipping through?!  This zip line and canopy tour is TREE and nature based.  We’ve found a one in a million piece of property in Florida and it’s only at
The Canyons Zip Line & Canopy Tours

…and LAKES, did I mention LAKES?  Yes, you’ll zip from the top of the canyon, fly along the side of the cliff (which is above the lake), and land in an oasis of trees between the cliff-sides.  It’s an incredible experience!

Just outside Orlando, a short drive on the turnpike – We’re ONE mile off I-75!

Keep in touch and I’ll keep you posted as to when we expect opening day to be (a little hint; early winter, 2011).